Vale Nursery Ofsted

The Vale Nursery has been awarded an "outstanding" grade by Ofsted 01/11/16

Vale Nursery banner

  • Supervision for staff is highly supportive. Staff enhance their skills as they are encouraged to undertake further training to increase their levels of qualification and widen their knowledge. Individual responsibilities for different areas of the curriculum help to motivate staff. This undoubtedly contributes to the diverse, creative and high-quality teaching methods that staff use.
  • Staff closely review the progress of children who receive early years funding. An astute programme of additional practical support is on offer for children. This has been successful in rapidly improving children's learning, attainment and attendance at the nursery.
  • Close, professional relationships with parents support them to continue children's learning at home. Parents feel welcomed into the nursery. They describe the nursery as brilliant. Staff appreciate the important role parents play in educating their children and seek as many ways as possible to work in partnership with them.
  • Staff are infectiously enthusiastic and show a real sense of joy in their work as they interact with children and guide their learning. Staff are superb role models who provide children with a warm and safe place where they can flourish and thrive.
  • Children are confident and articulate. They make exceptional progress in their communication and language development. Children who speak English as an additional language quickly develop into competent talkers who experience high-quality teaching and interactions with staff.
  • Behaviour is excellent. Children know about expectations and are able to express themselves and their feelings. They resolve minor disputes with confidence and show high levels of emotional resilience.


To review the full inspection report, here is a link to the report on the Ofsted website