PE Curriculum

Pupils will study a variety of sports during their sporting Journey at Vale Academy.  We start in EYFS and year 1 by teaching them the most important sporting principles, which will be used in all future PE lessons.  We teach gymnastics and dance to help them understand how to move, control and use their body in a sporting situation.  In games and athletics we use a variety of sports and sporting situations to look at controlling, throwing and catching of balls and appropriate sporting equipment, as well as running and jumping techniques.  We teach them about how to work as a team and the understanding of basic games play including attacking and defending.   

Through their sporting journey they will get the chance to continually develop these skills and the opportunity to use them in a whole variety of sports.  In years 2 – 4 we continue with dance & gymnastics, but start to place emphasis on the pupils being able to create and choreograph their own routines and dance performances.  We start to introduce a more wide variety of sports games including rugby, football, and basketball.  These develop their team skills, understanding of rules, positions and the skills needed in these sports in the summer we introduce striking and fielding games including cricket and rounder’s, and continue with an athletics programme.  

In years 5 & 6 the emphasis is on the pupils being able to apply their skills in ever more competitive and realistic situations.  Pupils have hopefully grasped the keys skills and have started to apply them in a variety of sports.  We introduce racket sports in year 5 & 6 through badminton and tennis.  We then continue with athletics, gymnastics, dance, striking and fielding and various team sports. 

P.E Overview 2018-2019


Sports / Clubs 

We offer a range of clubs throughout the year that both support the PE curriculum and introduce a range of new sports to the pupils. 

Our clubs run in line with the sporting seasons so during the autumn months we offer team sports like football, rubgy, hockey and netball.  In the summer we change these to sports such as tennis, cricket, rounders and athletics.  In addition to the traditional sports we offer clubs in multi skills, dance, table tennis and dodge ball. If your child is interested in a sporting club or has an idea of a future club, please come and speak to the PE team. 

In addition to the sports clubs offered by the school we run cycling and scooting initiatives throughout the year.  These include bike and scootability and events such as the Big Pedal and Cycle to Santa.  

Pupils get the opportunity to compete against each other through the schools intra house competition in a variety of sports.  We also compete in the local Dunstable sports leagues and sports events organised by the 'School Sports games organiser' throughout the year.