Your child’s education is of utmost importance to us and we have planned our curriculum to ensure that each year our students build on the skills learnt from the year before and that there is no repetition in their learning. Our staff are highly qualified, and have extensive knowledge and understanding of EYFS and Primary Education.

Forest School

Forest School is a programme which aims to enhance, nurture and support children’s learning and development. For reception this is an extension to the outdoor learning provision already in place. Children from all years have the opportunity to take part in different activities in the woodland environment supporting their social, emotional and physical development.

Please see the Forest School Booklet for more information.

The BBC News Report gives further information on how Outdoor Learning 'boosts children's development'

Times Table Badges

At The Vale Academy we are keen to promote children's learning of their times tables and division facts. We have introduced Times Table badges, which are handed out during the End of Term Celebration Assembly for any children that have successfully completed and can recall the following times tables:

Bronze: 2, 5, 10
Silver: 3, 4, 6, 11 (as well as the bronze criteria)
Gold: 7, 8, 9 (as well as silver and bronze)
Platinum: All times tables AND division facts


Assessment at The Vale Academy is carried out using Stepping Stones for each subject area. There are different Pathways for each subject that show how many Stepping Stones a child is expected to have in relation to their age and phase. The pathways also show when a child would be classed as emerging or exceeding in comparison. Please see the Stepping Stones and Pathways for each subject listed below. Early Years are not assessed using Stepping Stones as they are still following the Early Years Foundation Stage Profiles. 

Assessment Policy

Computing Stepping Stones

English interim assessment

French Stepping Stones

Geography Stepping Stones

History Stepping Stones


PSHE yr 4 - 6

Stepping Stone pathway Arts

Stepping stone PE

Stepping Stones Pathway 1-5 Science

Stepping Stones Pathway DT pathway (3)

Stepping Stones Pathway Music

Stepping Stones Pathways 1-6 maths


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